The amber teething necklaces are used by London, Los Angeles, New York, Sidney and other most fashionable cities mums for their babies to relieve the pain of first teeth gowth.

Cheap jewelry – amber necklaces

The Western culture has some great traditions. One of them is the baby presentation party. Usually the party is held when mother and a new born baby gets suitable at home. This period is 1-3 month since the birth. Friends are invited as well as relatives to get acquainted to the new member of family. During such party every guest should bring at least small gift to a child. The gift for such a small baby is usually a toy which makes some noise, can be placed into mouth, dropped out of the bed, squeezed with little hands etc. Such gifts are made of natural materials, but still they contain some plastic parts which may cause allergic reactions.
Imagine a big party where 10 people have brought the most popular presents. There is a chance that baby will get two similar gifts.

Here is an idea for a great and original gift. Cheap jewelry can be very original and valuable gift for years. How much is cheap? If $20 is cheap, then you can definitely afford buying the finest quality handmade jewelry. Of course, you cannot buy anything silver or golden, but you can definitely buy an amber necklace for baby. Baltic amber necklace is the best example of cheap jewelry. Also please keep in mind that it is hand made from quality Baltic amber without any chemicals which can cause allergic reactions. If the toy is broken, amber jewelry can be used any time even if it was torn. Parents just need to collect all the beads and put it safely till the age of 10-12 when children start creating various jewelry themselves – necklaces, anklets and bracelets.

Amber necklaces are also given to babies for one interesting reason – teething pain relief. When first teeth are growing and evolving through gum, baby feels huge pain. Amber teething necklaces helps calm the baby down and relieves the pain. Amber necklaces are not only the cheap amber jewelry, but also have healing features.


Amber teething necklaces colors

The amber teething necklaces are produced of the finest quality Baltic amber which has the wide range of colors. In order to understand what amber colors are you should know little about the amber as a mineral.

Amber is actually the resin of ancient trees which grew 50 million years ago. The trees were huge; therefore big piles of resin were formed. When those trees were covered by the sea, the resin turned into a stone hard mineral. It got ashore when the moving sea bottom has reached the layer of ground with amber pieces. The amber pieces are also dug in the special open mines. This way Baltic amber gets on the table of jewelry master.

The amber teething necklace colors are different. Usually one color is used for the necklace, but sometimes it is knitted of different color amber. Such combination of different color and even bead shapes makes the necklace original and even more valuable, even though it does not reflect on the price, which remains the same regardless color of beads.

The amber teething necklace colors varies from black to almost white. The gamma starts from black amber which is one of the most common amber colors. Then the cherry and purple colors are following. Brown, middle brown and slightly brown amber is also very popular. Light brown is turning to cognac color and slightly going to the honey color. Then yellow colors are following and in the end almost white amber can be found and used. Such color gamma is very light and warm, therefore it is so suitable for amber teething necklace.

Mixing various colors of Baltic amber beads the jeweler can create an unforgettable gift for everyone, not only baby, but also for mother and even father. As jewelry it fits to every color of clothes and apparel, therefore it is valued in adult’s world as well.

Here are the RAW amber necklaces. Raw necklace is made of pieces of amber which are not polished completely.

Raw amber teething necklaces

The Baltic amber teething necklaces are known worldwide for their beauty and healing features. If you look for some information about the way the amber teething necklaces are produced, you will definitely find that all the beads, no matter of which shape – olive, round or chips – are polished carefully using a jewelry polishing tools. Those tools allow creating the round bead with no sharp edges which can cut or scratch the skin when squeezed and pulled. This is done for the safety reasons and the look. However there are some amber necklaces which look the same, but the beads are not polished.

Raw amber teething necklace

Raw amber teething necklaces are made in the same way as usual necklaces only the pieces of amber is not polished. The sharp corners are removed anyway. There is another shape of beads called ‘beans’, because they look like large beans.  The jeweler leaves the surface of the bead rough with all the holes, scratches, but cleans it using water only. No chemistry is used in this procedure, therefore raw amber cannot cause any allergic reactions.

Raw Baltic amber necklaces are considered to have the most effective healing characteristics. They even have a specific smell which can be felt after rubbing one piece to another. The smell reminds the resin of trees and salty sea water. In medical terms succinate acid (approx. 8% of weight) is good for stress and pain relief, changing ionization (Amber in Greek is electron, so electricity has derived from natural amber ionization processes), and helps cellular metabolism. The Chinese amber was mentioned 5000 years ago, but Baltic amber has biggest portions of succinic acid, therefore it is used not only for beautiful jewelry, but also for healing both babies and adults.

Raw amber teething necklace is a great gift for every baby from 3 months old, especially when it costs only $20.

Amazing Baltic Amber necklaces which have been made in Lithuania by local jewelers. The necklaces are for babies to relief the pain of first teeth growth. Such amber teething necklaces are very popular amonth the Los Angeles and New York mothers as well as London’s mums.

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